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Rainforest trees may have been dying faster since the 1980s because of climate change

Tropical trees in Australia’s rainforests have been dying at double the previous rate since the 1980s, seemingly because of climate impacts, according to the findings of a long-term international study pu...


A new, sustainable way to make hydrogen for fuel cells and fertilizers

A new sustainable and practical method for producing hydrogen from water has been discovered by a team of researchers at the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS) in Japan led by Ryuhei Nakamura....


Hydrogen Island | CIP unveils ‘world first’ North Sea plan fed by 10GW of Dogger Bank offshore wind

Island in Danish waters would produce one million tonnes of green H2 annually and be linked via pipelines to Germany, Belgium and Netherlands Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) wants to build a “first ...


How green are Premier League clubs? Tottenham top sustainability table

Tottenham are the greenest Premier League club, coming top of a table measuring the sustainability of all 20 top-flight sides. Spurs claimed maximum points in The Green League for 2020, due in part to Monday...


3 Sustainability Trends Driving Change in the Food and Nutrition Industry

“Sustainability” is a word that’s often used in a variety of diverse and often seemingly disparate contexts. While that might seem like a problem, it is, in fact, a feature, not a bug. Although ther...


Why a more equal world would be easier to decarbonise

US billionaires experienced a trillion-dollar surge in their combined net worth in 2020, more than enough to hand out a $3,000 (£2,140) stimulus cheque to every American.  Meanwhile, entire se...